Oblique Fields Factory Records – OFF Records

Record Company & Net Label from 1994

gennaio, 2011

A conversation with Steve Ellis around Klee, “Ebbrezza” and “Pulp Icon”


Steve.:How do you see Klee’s picture “Intoxication” becoming an example of a “pulp icon”? I clearly hear the Eko and drums but no oval element. Then, I am a bit puzzled by what you mean by pulp (“the strong, pulsing vision of ‘pulp’), a pulp event” (“we tried to depict a distorted ‘pulp’ event”, and [...]

Music for Klee n# 2: White framed polyphonically

White framed polyphonically

  Music for Klee n# 2:White framed polyphonically Painting by Paul Klee – Music by Sphaeretubes  Tommy: Sax contralto, Chacondar: modified electric piano yamaha CP80 Recorded at Atom Hearth Studio in august – november 2010 – January 2011 Assistant: Max Ciari White is the first colour/no colour White is the wind. White is the voice, [...]

Home Music – “Manifesto”


Ingenious, immediate, spontaneous – and often unrepeatable in its spontaneity – , like a take-one that captures and relays the creative spark. The music transmits a sensation of intimacy, familiarity, playfulness, innovation and jocularity. Low-fi home-studio. Music is far removed from the aseptic sound of conventional recording-studio output, and different from the formal acoustic typical [...]

private parts – Sphaeretubes

Private Parts by Sphaeretubes

Sphaeretubes private parts Le Radici dell’Impero Indice di variazione Goldberg n 1 Indice di variazione Goldberg n 2 Music for Klee n 1: ebbrezza Music for Klee n 2: White Framed Polyphonically Music for Klee my mother and the cat Sbeat Too suite Wind & sea part I Home Music for moggies. Assembled between 1990 [...]