Oblique Fields Factory Records – OFF Records

Record Company & Net Label from 1994


Rain in the Country by SphaereTubes

...arts private

OFF1031/4/AHSM30/09/2011/S Pink Floyd’s Rain In The Country was recorded at Atom Heart Studio between sept 2010 and sept 2011. Sten: acoustic and electric guitars Lucius Dangelo : bass Chacondar: drums, modified electric piano Adry Giarratana: percussion Engineered and Mixed by Chacondar. Release:30 sept 2011. Also included in the album “DI PIù”, as a bonus track, recorded by [...]

In This Style 10/6 (just in time for your scrambled eggs) by SphaereTubes

Music for Klee n# 2: White framed polyphonically

White framed polyphonically

  Music for Klee n# 2:White framed polyphonically Painting by Paul Klee – Music by Sphaeretubes  Tommy: Sax contralto, Chacondar: modified electric piano yamaha CP80 Recorded at Atom Hearth Studio in august – november 2010 – January 2011 Assistant: Max Ciari White is the first colour/no colour White is the wind. White is the voice, [...]

private parts – Sphaeretubes

Private Parts by Sphaeretubes

Sphaeretubes private parts Le Radici dell’Impero Indice di variazione Goldberg n 1 Indice di variazione Goldberg n 2 Music for Klee n 1: ebbrezza Music for Klee n 2: White Framed Polyphonically Music for Klee my mother and the cat Sbeat Too suite Wind & sea part I Home Music for moggies. Assembled between 1990 [...]

Live in Monza 20 maggio 1989

Pink Floyd Live in Monza 20 maggio 1989 The unofficial records here released are for documentary pourpose only. The quality is very low-fi, so if U like, buy an official live album of the band. All right reserved to Pink Floyd Band. Classic Reserved Live recording at Monza on 20 may 1989

Dark City Soundtrack – Unofficial Soundtrack for the Proyas ‘s Film of 1998 by SphaereTubes


  Unofficial Soundtrack for the 1998′Jack Proyas’s Film music by SPHAERETUBES Dark City is a 1998 science fiction film noir written by Alex Proyas, Lem Dobbs and David S. Goyer, and directed by Proyas. It stars Rufus Sewell, William Hurt, Kiefer Sutherland, and Jennifer Connelly. While it was not a major box office hit when [...]

Mistenda Addimurata – Nu Tiempu Fui Cavaddu

Mistenda Addimurata

     N’ tiempu fui cavaddu Lato A 1. Luna, luna   2. La nica e lo piscaturi   3. Tarantella re pinitenti   4. Ninna nanna ri la rosa   Lato B   1. Ciantu d’amuri   2. Bianca e Birnardu   3. Quannu passa ri cà   4. Nu tiempu fui cavaddu   [...]

Wind’s Songs

Wind's Songs

MULTIHOUSE Wind’s Songs (Recording Sessions) A collection of recordings carried out over the course of some years on topics and places that have characterised part of our lives. Many draw on natural reverberations in an attempt to capture and transmit the atmosphere that surrounded us in the best way possible. The cover and the title [...]

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