We are a pop band hailing from Yogyakarta, indonesia. We've been playing our music in the frame of human interest, simplicity and experiment. The band is a combination among a pop singer and piano player, a former punk rock band guitarist who turned as a bassist, and a former thrash metal drummer who`s now playing slower song. So as you may thought, each of us have listened to many different kind of music as our influence.

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Afternoon Coffee

Afternoon Coffee - Woman by Afternoon Coffee
his song is composed and written by Citra Ayi Safitri

Afternoon Coffee - Painting Face in the Sky by Afternoon Coffee

Afternoon Coffee - Solitaire by Afternoon Coffee 







Spazio999 deriva da Spazio 1999, una serie televisiva anni 70.
Il futuro visto sugli schermi a volte è verosimile, e chissà se un giorno non useremo la Luna per depositare i nostri rifiuti, proprio come avviene nel telefilm.
Intanto le immagini continuano ad uscire dai display, si realizzano in plastica e silicone, come soddisfazione di desideri progettati per noi.
Questo non è ancora il millennio delle avventure spaziali.

Spazio999 derived from 'Space: 1999', a 70's TV series.
The future sometimes seen on the screens is likely, and who knows if one day we'll use the Moon to store our rubbish, just like on the show.
Meanwhile, pictures continue to come out from the display, are made of plastic and
silicon, designed as the satisfaction of desires for us.
This isn't the millennium of space adventures yet.

Nome Demo - ep: "forse il nostro futuro è là"
Nome pubblico del musicista: spazio999
Contiene sei tracce: Spazio 1999, Ore piccole, Il mattino non ha niente in bocca, Made in China, Gli schermi, Entropia.

Spazio999: synths, drum machine, guitar (in entropia song), vocal
Home recorded by Spazio999
Finished recording in October 2011
Thanks to Chacondar for technical advices