Ingenious, immediate, spontaneous – and often unrepeatable in its spontaneity - , like a take-one that captures and relays the creative spark. The music transmits a sensation of intimacy, familiarity, playfulness, innovation and jocularity.

Low-fi home-studio. Music is far removed from the aseptic sound of conventional recording-studio output, and different from the formal acoustic typical of commercial market in every way.

The action of the person behind the sound and the music is clearly perceptible.

Listeners are aware of the skill, talent and craft of the musicians, rather than the mechanics of a production created for the mass market.

The spontaneity and authentic expression of the creative moment, of birth of a sound is evident – unlike the overproduced, made-for-a-market, anonymous products for anonymous consumers.

Home Music creates music in an intimate atmosphere in a domestic environment that’s not packaged in plastic and then frozen.

It's symbolic that a cat become ‘Moggy’, like the homely warmth of music and how it caresses the listener.

The iconic image painted by Paul Klee (Scene in the Garden, 1913) synthesized the concept of Home Music...and like, this feline friend, Home Music is independent from commercial influence and can wander as it pleases.




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