Pietre e Brillanti

Sicilian percussion
Marilena Fede: Tamburello
Fabio Adamo: Riq, Tamorra, Dum Back
Recorded, 29 December 2014.
Thanks to: Max, Cris, Chac & Saro.
Release gen. 2015
Produced by Oblique Fields


Music:Cic Sav
Words by: Max Ciari
Arranged and performed by De Re Sicula
Max Ciari: lead vocal
Denis Marr: electric and acoustic guitars
Assorted Ensemble of Distorted Choir
Recorded at Atom Heart Studio between april 2010 and sept 2011.
Engineered & Mixed by Chacondar
Release oct. 2011
Produced by Oblique Fields

Let it be (vitti na crozza)

Music by: Lennon - McCartney
Words: from sicilian song "vitti na crozza"
Arranged and performed by Multihouse Filter Oblique
Gabor: lead vocal
Athenomis: backing vocals
Al Polara: lead guitar
Recorded in august 1993.
Engineered & Mixed by Chacondar
Produced by Oblique Fields


La grotta di San Filippo

By Fabio Adamo

U' Puorcu è n'animale pulitu

By Fabio Adamo

Fabio Adamo: vox, percussion, backing vocals,
Assorted Ensemble of Distorted Choir
Recorded at Filarota Recording Studio 28, 29, 30 Dec 2009,
Recordings and mastering
Vox: BPM CR 73-UA 610 SE-Tascam DM 24
Addictional voices and percussion: Aphex 460 mod telefunken, T bone 800, EV RE 27,
Produced by F. Adamo & Oblique Fields © 2010
OFF1025-26/4/FSM 01/10/2010/S


A Sira

Athenomis: Vocal
Frank Rock: Keyboards
El Faad & Chacondar*: percussions, udu, bendir, effects.
Original arrangements and performed by Multihouse
Recorded at Zim House live out door in august 1993 during the "A day in the country" sessions.
Photos by SimoKO, artwork by IK Studio.
*Additionals percussions recorded at Filarota Recording Studio on 23 dec 2006.
Engineered by Justlink. Produced by Oblique Fields


to be continued...


Paintings by Susan Monk


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