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Wind’s Songs

Wind's Songs

Wind’s Songs

Wind’s Songs
(Recording Sessions)

A collection of recordings carried out over the course of some years on topics and places that have characterised part of our lives.
Many draw on natural reverberations in an attempt to capture and transmit the atmosphere that surrounded us in the best way possible.
The cover and the title of the work in English recall, at least in intention, the rustic sonority of Pink Floyd (Grantchester Meadows and the outskirtses) that, naturally for us, is soaked in the Sicilian language.
The most successful synthesis of the project, and perfect union, is The Beatles piece Let It Be, with the text in Sicilian, Victims on the Cross. Set against this on the B-side of the 45, taken from the same era as the album, is the Pink Floydian Clouds.
These are real Oblique Fields :-) Happy listening.

Ambient n# 2

Speaker Writed
Let it be (vitti na crozza)
A day in the country
Ambient n# 3 (in the evening)
Georgia on my mind
Summertime – Take 2 (with dogs)
The acoustic side
Ambient 1/1
Speaker Writed
Fellini’s Blues
Song for Lucy
Let it be (B-track)
A Sira



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